How To Deep Clean A Kitchen

A kitchen should be one of the cleanest rooms in the house because a single mistake could have the whole household hospitalized from food poisoning. Therefore it is important to have a deep kitchen cleaning once a month to reach all those areas where you don’t reach on your normal cleaning routines.

Deep cleaning a kitchen needs 30 to 90 minutes depending on the size of your kitchen, the number of appliances you need to clean and how well you do your daily cleaning.

What you need for deep cleaning your kitchen

Before you start deep cleaning your kitchen, you need to make sure you have all our cleaning supplies to make sure you don’t waste time running back and forth thus wasting time. Make sure you have enough dish cloths, paper towels, scourers, a pair of gloves and anything else you need when cleaning. Get any other deep cleaning products you need like for example;

  • An oven cleaner
  • Disinfectant spray or a surface cleaner
  • Lime scale remover
  • Metal or wood polish
  • The best vacuum for tile floors to clean your kitchen tiles

Wash all the dishes before you can start your deep cleaning to make sure that you are working on a clutter free space.

  • Deep cleaning kitchen surfaces and cupboards

Clean on the inside first- first you need to remove anything from your kitchen cupboards and drawers. Use a fiber cloth to wipe your cabinets and cupboards with a disinfectant.

Scrub the outer surfaces of your kitchen cabinets- you need to get a step ladder so that you can reach your cupboards, any higher shelves not to mention the extractor fan and wipe them clean using disinfectant too.

Wipe your cabinets doors- Depending on the material used to make your cabinets doors, wipe them clean using the preferred cleaner for the said surfaces.

How to deep clean a kitchen

Shine the cabinets’ handles- if your cabinets’ handles look greasy and dull and they are removable, soak them in a bowl with warm water and your preferred soap before you can wipe them. You can shine them later after you are done with other chores.

Replace everything from the cabinets-once everything is back to the cabinets; it is time to wipe the surfaces one more time.

  • Deep cleaning the appliances in the kitchen

The refrigerator and the oven are some of the hardest to clean but if you can clean them together at a go; your work will be made easier.

Apply your preferred cleaner on the oven- you need to unplug the oven first before you can start cleaning. Remove all the oven shelves and apply/spray the oven cleaner on the ovens inside as well as the door. Make sure you have your gloves and the kitchen well aerated, and there are no open fires because some cleaners are highly flammable.

Vacuum clean the floor

Sweep and collect all the dirt on the floor and put it in the trash can. According to the type of your kitchen floor, only use what is recommended for your floor. After you have swept your floor, use a bissell vacuum to clean your floor to remove the small particles.

Clean your fridge

To deep clean, your fridge means removing all the things from your fridge and cleaning it. Discard everything you will not need in that fridge for example food that has overstayed In that fridge. Give all the shelves a thorough wash with a touch of warm water and dish washing soap.

Also, clean the walls of the fridge and its ‘floor’ too.  Cleaner the freezer too and to avoid the refrigerated foods good bad for the few minutes they’ll be out of the fridge, make sure you have a cooler to hold them in before you finish. Once the fridge is clean, replace all the foods that you have decided to keep.


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